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George Kuffs didn't finish high-school, just lost his job and his girlfriend who still is in college is pregnant. Since he can't see how he can support her, he thinks she is better off without him. So he visits his elder brother, Brad, to squeze him for a loan so he can go to Brazil where there's a gold-rush going on. Unfortunately Brad is killed and George is suddenly the owner of Brad's "patrol special" district.
George Kuffs is a flake who's a high school drop out and who's irresponsible. When his girlfriend tells him she's pregnant he freaks out and she dumps him. He goes to his brother, Brad to ask him for money but Brad puts his foot down and tells George it's time to shape up. Brad runs a Special Police Force and tells George to work for him. Before he could decide, Brad is killed. George sees the man who killed him, but because he didn't actually see him kill his brother the man is released. George takes over his brother's district and sets out to get the man who killed his brother. The police assign a detective to keep an eye on him but George finds a way around him and nearly gets killed. His employees don't think he should be in charge. And a man approaches George and offers to buy his district which George thinks is suspicious. So he follows him too.
I liked this movie for what it was, No it's not perfect or pure gold… But it's still clean and enjoyable fun for 102 minutes. I liked Christian Slater since Heathers, so this one was okay. 8/10
Why, Why, and why…I dont understand why so many people bash this film. This film is great and will be always great in my mind and many will agree with me. I like how they bring slaters character, in focus with the camera, you didnt see that too much back then, you see it now a days like on, Malcom in the middle on FOX as an example. This movie is one of my favorites, I am very suprised as why many people didnt care for you it but I cam to a conclusion that they probably had their eyes closed and were deaf. This movie has the most funny one liners, and humor I have ever seen. Like when slater buys the turkey for his brother and then the truck ran it over. Another great part was when he was in the car with Ted (another cop), and he started swearing, and then slater said, "you have an unlimited vocabulary Ted", and then Ted says the F- word back to him. Watch this movie and then thank me later. ***/ out of/ ****. A must see

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