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Only a few people still live in New York City in 2012. They are organized in gangs with their own turfs. One of them is led by Baron, another one by Carrot, and they are constantly at war with each other. Baron's gang is more peaceful and have developed seeds that can germinate despite the virus plague. The lone ranger Carson is hired by Bishop for protection.
Virus holocaust is not the only plague that threatens our future. New York City, 2012 A.D. In a plague devastated world, one tired man finds a reason to fight.
The movie opens with a shot of downtown Manhattan with the original World Trade Centers standing in the background and Yul Brynnur standing still like a bald Stonewall Jackson. He only comes alive when Max Von Sydow promise him a room (with no rats, lucky him…), two meals a day (there&#39;s a food shortage you know, and Soylent Green is being rationed) but he has to find his own extra-curricular activities. (Von Sydow&#39;s that detailed). The population is down to almost nothing (the tourist season must be over) but gangs run rampant and Brynnur is the one to keep them in their place. There&#39;s lots of shots of the half-naked Brynnur fighting the gangs for Von Sydow and rescuing the poor and starving folk who live in his 8 floor walk up (presumably with rats as roommates).<br/><br/>This is a bleak look at society at the end of the Mayan calendar, taking you way inside the bowls of the City. Seeing the Trade Centers standing a decade after the historical catastrophe may be disconcerting for some viewers. The ending makes you wonder if Brynnur and his gal-pal Joanna Miles will run into Charleton Heston galloping up the East River with a mute young lady while being chased by talking apes. Oh, wait, no…the statue of Liberty was seen standing, so that&#39;s not possible.<br/><br/>Or is it?
New York in the year of 2012 is a dangerously decayed environment that has been divided into communities who continuously fight, as the earth has been destroyed by a plague and sources of food is very limited. A small peaceful society living in a small compound are led by &quot;The Baron&quot; and seek that of a warrior to protect them from the street people led the malicious Carrot. The mysterious fighter Carson accepts Baron&#39;s offer. Although Carson learns that Baron actually has a plan to get his daughter, his son-law and their unborn child to an island off the coast of North Carolina. He would need Carson&#39;s help to get them there. <br/><br/>Where did this come from? I knew nothing off it when discovering it at video shop getting rid of their VHS&#39;. Hard to say why this is one unsung flick, as there is some potent names involved and for most part its cleverly constructed. A thoughtfully desperate Sci-fi / action stint that actually throws up some genuine social commentary without any sort forced impression. Strangely enough, you could possibly claim this to be an influential benchmark in the post-apocalyptic sub-genre. This for goes &quot;Mad Max&quot; and the trend that followed it. There&#39;s no doubt the 70s were a flourishing time for innovative films. The director Robert Clouse would be known for Bruce Lee&#39;s film &quot;Enter the Dragon (1973)&quot; and some others like &quot;The Pack (1977)&quot; and &quot;The Rats (1975)&quot;. Clouse manages to give it a hard-edge and the gritty, grubby post-holocaust setting demonstrates something rather eerie and raw. The violence is brutally intense and truly grim. This only makes this hasty plight more authentic with the nature of the situation turning people to think of only themselves and become something they might oppose. It shows there&#39;s common ground despite the walls separating the two sides. For some they might find the story to never really get going until the final half, but there are some interestingly credible ideas (like the horticultural aspect of a immune plant) covered in the chatty opening half and a pinch of wit is a nice welcome. Clouse does a frank and accessible job with what his got to shape here. Fight sequences are swiftly exciting (the final super-charged climax is a hoot), even if there&#39;s not much flair and the workable stunts go hand-to-hand. There&#39;s some imagery captured with a touch of style, but it mostly done with a lot dirt and grit. Organizing the film&#39;s rhythm is Gil Melle&#39;s dry and spicy experimental music score, which works a treat alongside Gerald Hirshfeld&#39;s reliably on-the-move and penetrating photography. Making up a fine cast is Yul Brynner, Max Von Sydow, William Smith and Joanne Miles. A picture-perfect Brynner emit&#39;s a gloriously humane, but also a deadly vibe with his warrior for hire, Carson. His dry temperament was surely tailor made for the part. Von Sydow adds the class to his character, the Baron and character actor Smith milks out a fun performance as the sadistically husky voiced swine Carrot. Miles is also good in her sympathetic turn as the baron&#39;s daughter Melinda. <br/><br/>It might look like a b-grade action movie and be spotty in parts, but there are some inspired brushes and fine performances to say it&#39;s worth the effort.

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